Show Rockers

Students in Show Rockers are students with experienced music skills. They are expected to have the ability to identify and know chord and song structure. Students in Show Rockers will be expected to make the necessary time commitment and dedication to the responsibilities that are required. They will continue to improve upon their skills in a one-on-one 45 minute private lesson with their own personal instructor. They will then have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in a group setting during weekly two and a half hour rehearsals. At the end of each session, the group gets to perform out in a public venue at two separate shows! Each session, a new “theme” is chosen. The material that is chosen in Show Rockers is more complex and advanced than in Rock 201 and the songs are meant to highlight the skills needed to build a strong foundation on a respective student’s musical instrument.


Learning the basics of technique and music theory
Understanding the dynamic of playing in a group.
A 45 minute weekly private music lesson on guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drums, and/or vocals
A two and a half hour weekly group rehearsal